June 5th - 7p-9p - Castlepalooza! - Joslyn Castle - Omaha, NE
July 17th - 11a-2p - Wild Plant Party - Mulhall's Nursery - Omaha, NE 

Aug. 26th - 330p-530p - Hotel Grand Opening - 72nd & Hascall - Omaha, NE
Sept. 10th - 8p-10p - Night Market (Turner Park) - Omaha, NE
Sept. 11th - 6p-11p - Parkwood Block Party (Private Party)

Sept. 26th - 11a-3p - Food Truck World Tour! - Aksarben Village- Omaha, NE

Oct. 2nd - 6p-10p - Small Town Matters Fundraiser - Crab Orchard, NE

Got Bluegrass?! - Contact us at:  NEsouthpaw@gmail.com

Current Bookings:

  Southpaw Bluegrass Band (SpBB) has been an Omaha institution for 18 years, and pride ourselves on being homegrown in Nebraska.  Believe us when we say our reputation precedes us and it is safe to say we've made a positive impact on the music scene here in Nebraska.  SpBB is a very diverse band that has a considerate range of flexibility and can adapt to many changing situations easily.  We are traditionally a 4 to 5 piece band (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, & Fiddle), but can also take on other forms as well.  SpBB has the ability to play as a three piece for which we call it "the core" and consists of the main three members (guitar, mandolin, and banjo) that includes beautiful three part harmonies and what seems to be an endless repertoire.  SpBB has played shows as a duet, and David is accustomed to playing shows as a solo performer as well.  Although Bluegrass is the genre for which we base our sound, SpBB is known to play a wide range of music from country, folk, jazz, and even rock tunes for everyone to enjoy.  Our artistic endeavor is that we also write, arrange, and perform some original tunes within the standard mix of our repertoire which includes those styles of music previously mentioned. 

SpBB has the ability to plug in and be loud (or just above crowd talking noise for people to enjoy) through a PA sound system (we have our own), or we've been known to do more intimate performances by pulling up and playing acoustically.  We've played in bars, front porches, truck beds, on the grass lawns, festivals, houses, garages, barns.....you name it, and we've probably had the chance to play it!  SpBB is here to meet your need, whatever that might be....whether you want an intimate solo performance, standard duet w/ brotherly harmonies, a three-piece w/ almost unlimited reach (most diverse repertoire), or as a wonderful country-bluegrass outfit that can play acoustically or plugged in.  Let us know what we can do for you! 


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