black-white-and-bluegrass-kara-barnard-The Southpaw Bluegrass Band (SpBB) was established and created by David Fleming and Steve Hoiberg of Omaha, NE around 2003. Starting out as the Bluegrass Communist, (promoting bluegrass equality to all social classes) Fleming and Hoiberg relied on their love and tradition of bluegrass music to create a sound that resonates back to the days when bluegrass was not only a popular style of music, but a way of life.

Built on strong songwriting, excellent instrumentation, and a drive to keep the tradition of bluegrass music alive, the boys set out on a journey that spans more than 10 years. SpBB prides themselves in arranging some of the most talented bluegrass players in the Omaha and Lincoln area.

With two releases under their belt (Southpaw Bluegrass Band – Self titled) & (Place Back Home), plus a third full length album currently in the works, SpBB strives to create a sound authentic and true to the “ancient tones” that had inspired the past greats to create their own style of bluegrass. SpBB plays original bluegrass tunes, while still honoring the traditions of the music that’s been established through the years.

The band plays standard bluegrass, Honky-Tonk style classic country, instrumentals (traditional & original), and fun “B-Side” covers from all genres of music; creating and bringing a fun, danceable, festive, and uplifting atmosphere to their live shows. This is the “Southpaw Sound” and can only be represented by the boys’ roots in the Great Plains of Nebraska, creating that signature “Nebraska-grass” sound. So join us as we continue our journey down the road, enhance the spirit of bluegrass by honoring the traditions, and while still creating a signature sound that can only be created by the Southpaw Bluegrass Band.

We look forward to the future as we pave our pathway within the music that inspires us to write, create, and perform the “ancient tones” we love most! And we hope you find the love too!